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Molly Barnes


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Using colored glass powders, chips, and molten colors "drawn" onto each piece, I create one of a kind vessels from molten glass. Drawing inspiration from lush landscapes it is my intention to capture a place, a natural scene in each glass vessel. The colors are melted in early in the process. Each piece is heavily influenced by interacting metal oxides (glass color). The effects of such color interactions create shadows, outlines, and a dappling effect. Thus a painterly appearance to the glass. Combining two pieces, the incalmo technique, is a favorite technique I use. Two pieces are joined while hot, typically a transparent color on the top half of the vessel representing the sky. No molds are used. The shaping is done mainly with wet newspaper in my hand. Sandblasting alters the surface texture of some of the pieces and changes the light absorption, often resulting in an intriguing glow.



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