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Future and Past Volunteers for Art In The Pearl

It is time again to join the fun as a volunteer for the annual Art In The Pearl festival. If you attended or were a volunteer previously you know what a delightful fine arts and crafts event this is. Believe it or not, it gets better and better.

We need 100 or more volunteers and we hope that you will be one of them!

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Art in the Pearl could not happen without the generous support of those who give of their time and ability! Please use this form to sign up as a volunteer. Someone will contact you with more information.

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Volunteers Needed

Days and Times

Friday evening 

  • Setup for booths, tables, and stage seating 

Saturday, Sunday and Monday

  • Information Booth – Artist’s Hospitality Booth
  • Stage area for traffic and seating
  • Rove around handing out flyers and answering questions
  • Sit in artist’s booths to give them a break 

Work a Four Hour Shift Any Day

Contact Art In The Pearl to reserve your time!  Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, group members to join you. 

Thank you in advance! You will have a wonderful time knowing that you are doing your part in contributing to your community and the arts.



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Our 2014 show is August 30-31 and September 1, 2014!

Partner of the 2014 Arts Festival Conference, presented by ZAPP®. To apply for our 2014 show please go to our "How To Apply" page.

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