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I create vessels out of molten glass. The colors and textures of each piece explore the details we are surrounded by in nature. Shadows on tree bark, mossy rock beds, turquoise water pools, and blossoms and leaves dappled with sunlight. Inspired by impressionistic painting, i use glass colors that react with one another on the oxide level thereby creating "bonus colors". Over time and practice the painterly highlights have been discovered. First heating in the colors in layers, then with basic tools, wet newspaper, and breath, the molten glass turns from puddle into a frozen form. For larger pieces and more color detail I work with an assistant. Heat shielding, color bit heating, and many aspects of offhand glassblowing that require simultaneous actions for best results. Lots of "hail mary's". All shaping and color layering is done by my hand.

By joining two halves together, using a storage oven and precise measuring, an incalmo piece is created. A favorite technique of mine as it creates the image if a horizon line or water line for the piece. Some vessels will be sandblasted to create a textured surface and produce a soft glow fueled by glass.



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