Art In The Pearl  Stage

This year the Art in the Pearl Stage will present a fantastic line-up of Singer/Songwriters. This will be a more intimate stage than in previous years and we are very excited about it. Our schedule is already full for our 2018 show, but if you are interested in performing for our 2019 show we will be accepting applications from Singer/Songwriters presenting all original work.  Please send group name, genre, web address for music sample, and contact information to Ann Fleming at with Art in the Pearl in the subject line.  Thank you! Here is the schedule for our 2018 Festival of Singer/Songwriters:

Saturday, September 1, 2018

11:00 am

Tribal Heart BellyDance -

Excited to be here for the 2017 Art in The Pearl , GypsyHeart Tribal band and dancers regularly perform throughout the Northwest and beyond. Adding to the mix are the amazing, much awarded Jewels bellydancer, and internationally known Gypsy Caravan dancers. They include members who have been dancing and performing with each other for over 20 years with newer dancers and musicians, all adding their unique energies and abilities. From their 20's to 60's, many backgrounds and all walks of life, they celebrate diversity as they come together in the unity and synergy of their music and dance, which has it's roots in cultures throughout the world and times from ancient to present. They are honored to be part of the yearly celebration of art and life that is Art in the Pearl.

12:00 Noon

Beth Wood -

Beth Wood is an award-winning songwriter, a modern-day troubadour, and believer in the power of song. Her exceptional musicianship, crafty songwriting, powerhouse voice, and commanding stage presence have been winning over American audiences for over twenty years. Beth has released ten independent albums and two books of poetry with album #11 scheduled to be released in the fall of 2018. Beth’s work has expanded to include teaching voice and song coaching as well as leading workshops at festivals, songwriting retreats and beyond. Beth believes that engagement in the process of creation is as important as its outcome. Her musical philosophy is that there are no wrong notes. “A woman with the heart of songcraft in her blood and the exceptional musicianship to back it up.” — The Corvallis Advocate

1:00 pm

Richey Bellinger -

Richey Bellinger has been playing guitar and writing songs for over forty years. His songs weave together themes of love, longing, mystery, and the passage of time; all within the context of a deep appreciation for beauty, in its infinite forms.

2:00 pm

Kaeley Stephens -

Kaeley is a Portland area songbird whose stories tell of life's joys and sorrows. Her music is infused with nature and inspire her audiences to sing along.

3:00 pm

Mark Macminn -

MacMinn builds songs about life, it's struggles and celebrations. With quirky wordplay and catchy guitar lines you may find yourself lost in song and the moment of now.

4:00 pm

Karyn Ann -

With a voice known to “beguile the most inattentive bar-goer,” Karyn Ann has gained notoriety as a skilled singer and songwriter, drawing comparisons to 60’s troubadours like Bonnie Raitt and Carole King and modern artists like Adele and Brandi Carlile. She performs across the expansive Portland music scene and tours nationally, and has had notable performances at the legendary Bitter End in NYC and the Women’s Redrock Music Festival. Her music is available at and on Spotify and iTunes.

5:00 pm

Katelyn Convery -

Portland, OR singer-songwriter Katelyn Convery crafts dynamic, lyric-driven songs that take listeners on an intimate, epic journey inside themselves. Her music is a unique blend of folk, rock, pop and electronica, with influences from a life of travel, that Kyle Hanson enhances with his melodiously driven and classically trained bass styling.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

11:00 am

Pretty Gritty -

Pretty Gritty might be another duo emerging from a sea of female/male acts as of late, but there is nothing typical about these two. Sarah and Blaine have cultivated a sound that is both timeless and classic, yet they still succeed in bringing something fresh to the table, pushing rootsy-Americana sounds into an edgy, alternative space. These two have carved out a reputation as a must-see live act, allowing them to open for such acts as The Wood Brothers (SalmonFest 2016), Tim O'Brian, Tony Trischka, Chris Eldridge, Rod Picott, Lake Street Dive, Ben Sollee & the Kentucky Native and Joe Newberry.

12:00 pm

Radio Stranger -

Americana artist Kelly Brightwell and folk-rocker Woody Moran have fused their talents, writing and performing together as Radio Stranger. This Portland, OR based act serves up catchy melodies and heartfelt messages with their collection of Eclectic Acoustic Pop tunes. Their sound is reminiscent of Birds of ChicagoThe Swell Season, and the UK band The Shires. Their 2nd EP, entitled CROSSTALK, was reviewed with high marks from Music Connection Magazine (Nov 2017) and they are included in Dec 2017 Music Connection's Best Unsigned Bands of 2017. They recently were awarded an Official Showcase at the Far-West Conference, also appearing as songwriter panelists alongside Beth Wood and Jim Bruno (Shawn Colvin) at the conference. Radio Stranger opened for David Wilcox's only Portland appearance in 2017. "Really good songs, great harmonies... you got pocket!" David Wilcox.

1:00 pm

Kathryn Claire -

Kathryn Claire has spent years cultivating her own style and approach to music as a violinist, guitar player, singer, songwriter and composer. Strong fundamentals from her classical and traditional music background combined with improvisation has made her a favorite at venues, festivals and institutions around the world. She has toured and performed extensively in the US, Japan, India, Holland, Belgium and France.

2:00 pm

Matt Meighan and Stephanie Cooke -

Portland songwriter Matt Meighan writes songs that are at turns personal, political, poignant and funny. His commitments to good writing and truth-telling are clear in the songs he writes, many of which are performed by other songwriters. He is currently recording his 3rd CD, Love Today. Pianist Stephanie Cooke leads the jazz pop group Sarca.  She has performed as a guest with Pink Martini, and recorded and performed with the indiek-pop band The von Trapps all over the U. S. and  U. K.

3:00 pm

Will West -

Carolina born songwriter Will West has called Portland home since the summer of 2002.  From his humble beginnings busking on downtown sidewalks and exploring open mics, he's been on a steady rise in this rich NW music scene.  He creates a signature blend of Modern Folk, Americana, Pop & Jazz Sounds with smoothly delivered vocals and fantastic guitar playing.

4:00 pm

Justin Farren -

When it comes to his songs, Justin Farren is nothing short of a master craftsman painting lyrical pictures that are firmly rooted in the reality of day-to-day life. His delivery is humorous, thoughtful and engaging. His guitar playing is lively, intricate, and seemingly boundless. The Sacramento New & Review describes him as "The storyteller with an impeccable voice, a guitar and a head full of funny" and Music Connection Magazine calls him "a remarkably relatable songwriter with a special gift for quirky lyrics."

5:00 pm

Ray Mann and Bob Masters -

Ray Mann is a life-long musician who has recorded in New York, L.A., Nashville, and Europe, and now resides in Portland.   Bob Masters recently finished a CD of all original music. One song, "The Retirement Plan", was released as a single 4/6/18 by "Uniscope Distribution" worldwide. Full CD will be released this summer. His performance includes three instruments all in the mandolin family, complimented by Ray Mann on the bass. "Bob calls his music "Mountain Blues". He wrote three of the songs for a gold Mining TV reality show called, "Rocks to Riches", which has not aired yet. Hope you enjoy the music! for Bob Masters  

Monday, September 3, 2018

11:00 am

Jan Hutchison

Jan Hutchison is a performing Pacific Northwest born and raised singer/songwriter. When I was 12 I specifically remember I decided I wanted to be someone who would never do a job that might hurt someone and I knew art would never hurt anyone. My Grandmother Grace was an early inspiration, she played piano by ear and we would sit at the piano..I would sing popular songs of the day..she would play them right then...I was amazed. Also a little later in my life I was in an abusive relationship and thankfully escaped from that daily fear and pain. Music has been my therapy, release and friend throughout my life. My songs spring from my emotions inspired by Joy, excitement, gratitude, empathy, desire and despair the list continues....

12:00 pm

Lincoln Crockett -

Misty River's Chris Kokesh once referred to singer/songwriter Lincoln Crockett’s brand of modern folk and progressive bluegrass as, “A kick in the pants with a hug.” Crockett performs with a stunning musicality, wry humor and a spiritual flavor specific to no genre. He accompanies himself on mandolin and guitar, mixing lightning-fast picking, earthy rhythms, sweet melodies and lush chording. Willy Nelson joked that he'd only ever really written two songs: falling into and out of love.  Crockett has written only one: it sucked, but you can heal.  

1:00 pm

Moe Dixon and Kit Garoutte -

In performances across North America and Europe, Moe Dixon is known for his charismatic energy that brings people together through the joy of song. Kit Garoutte is one of the Columbia Gorge’s most creative and versatile guitarists. These guys love to share their natural synergy with anyone who’ll listen, and together they have grown into a musical powerhouse over the last few years, thrilling fans old and new with original songs and arrangements brimming with masterful vocal and guitar work!

2:00 pm

Anna Tivel -

Anna Tivel is a Portland-based folk songwriter. Her music is lyric-driven, heartfelt, and honest, often inspired by the everyday struggle of people and the places they call home. Anna has released two full-length records and has a third on the way.

3:00 pm

Ex Libris -

Ex Libris is a musical collective based upon the belief that ART can teach us, liberate us, and create a more joyful world. The WA based band was founded by husband and wife singer/songwriters Aaron and Tess Willsie. Ex Libris is a personal passion project to the universe, with their music focusing on using their unique experiences in life to create art that makes people think, art that gets people wondering. They believe that in order to be truly fulfilled as individuals we must walk a fine line between growth and stillness. In stillness we gain prospective, in growth we affect change."

4:00 pm

Clara Baker -

Clara Baker's music is "medicine for the heart, mind and psyche," (No Depression)-- full of honest and thoughtful lyrics, soulful singing, impressive instrumentation, and an energetic groove. Clara is based in Portland, OR and tours nationally, bringing her charismatic, sincere and confident shows to audiences around the U.S.



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