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"Sequoia Giants"

Medium: Miniature watercolor painting of Sequoia National Park

Artist: Jaimee Gentile

Antler Flip Ring

Medium: Inlaid antler in sterling silver bezel, soldered and riveted to band, can flip to other sterling silver side with 14k gold accent.

Artist: Lyndsey Rieple

Booth Shot

Artist: Lyndsey Rieple

Brass and Mahogany Flip Ring

Medium: Shaped, soldered, and riveted ring band with brass bezel around inlaid Mahogany wood. Can flip to a solid brass side and can be custom made with various materials.

Artist: Lyndsey Rieple

Ebony Housed Pendant

Medium: Etched tops, riveted tube rivets in grooved Ebony wood.

Artist: Lyndsey Rieple


Artist: William Liu


Medium: Golden Cathedral in remote Utah canyon, with a horseshoe opening in the upper right corner, a grotto chamber in the middle and a pool of water below. Light reflection from the pool casts light interference pattern.

Artist: William Liu

Housed Steampunk Pendant

Medium: Riveted and soldered pendant with cut and dapped Italian coin, leather cord winds through, can be custom made.

Artist: Lyndsey Rieple


Medium: Miniature watercolor painting

Artist: Jaimee Gentile


Medium: Mesa arch of the Canyonland National Park in Utah, during the morning sunrise hours.

Artist: William Liu


Medium: Miniature Watercolor Painting

Artist: Jaimee Gentile


Medium: Columns of rock formation appearing like dorsal fins of dolphins swimming beneath the sand surface.

Artist: William Liu

Saturday Market Booth Shot

Artist: Jaimee Gentile

Wedding Bells

Medium: miniature watercolor painting with quarter for size reference

Artist: Jaimee Gentile


Medium: A kid jumping over a little creek in the slot canyon.

Artist: William Liu



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